2011 – Zanzibar Kayak Expedition

2011 – Zanzibar Kayak Expedition

This expedition proved to be a proper African adventure, conceived by Bruno Liconti to support the realization of water related Amref projects in Tanzania.

The endeavor consisted in crossing the stretch of water dividing Pemba island from Zanzibar.

Once on the island and met the local authorities together with the Zanzibar Tourism Minister, we were faced with the account of the threat the terrorist group Al-Shabaab posed. Infact, in the weeks just past our arrival, they intensified their activities right in the area we should have crossed to complete our challenge.

This new factor made us decide to review the set course; just for the same reason, a number of tourist vessels had to stop at Zanzibar.

In order to complete our endeavor and secure the funds to the Amref projects, we decide to circumnavigate the island regardless of the consistently increased mileage and also to shoot promotional footage for the touristic industry at the same time.

Even in this context and with the entire perimeter to be rowed, Francesco managed to lead the feat to a successful conclusion.

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